One reason a computer might be sluggish is due to needing additional memory. At Computer Care Associates, we will diagnose how much memory your computer requires to run efficiently. If this is recommended, then the memory will need to be ordered. The fees are determined on a case-by-case basis (cost of memory and labor for installation).

HARD DRIVES and SSD (Solid State Drives)

Installations, upgrades, replacements of your Hard Drive or SSD will be further discussed with the technician. This is because fees and installation vary according to manufacturer. Also, any replacement or upgrade would likely require some type of data recovery from the old drive. (please see below “Data Recovery”).


Diagnosing the health of your computer’s hard drive is part of the “diagnostic” (discussed under Diagnostic Services, see other tab). If the data on your hard drive is able to be seen, we can often recover your data. There is a flat rate ($265) to recover data and the device to put the data onto is a separate fee.


Backing up your data onto another device is a flat rate of $175 (labor). The device that the data is copied onto is a separate purchase.


For the initial diagnosis, please refer to the “diagnostic services” section of this website.  Computer Care Associates is a team of experienced technicians and instructors who are all good listeners and good diagnosticians.


Maybe your applications seem slow to open up and start. Let Computer Care Associates solve these problems by first setting up a diagnostic review.   Please call the office (508-370-8080) to make arrangements for a diagnostic. Rates and terms are subject to change without notice.


Please call us to discuss flat fees, hourly, and special rate structures.


If you need to buy a new computer or partially replace your system, Computer Care Associates can help you buy and install quality products. We will assist you from purchase through installation with as little down time as possible. Our goal is to make your transition a smooth one.


Computer viruses are defined as “viruses” because they share some of the traits of biological viruses. Once a virus is running on your computer, it is then able to infect other programs or documents. Protecting your data, your computer and your business from outside destruction is what Virus Protection (or anti-virus) and Security is all about. Initially, please refer to the “Diagnostic” page in this website. We want your technology to be protected and safe. If recommended our technicians will install an anti-virus program on your computer. (the charge for labor and purchase of software is on a case-by-case basis). NOTE: Anti-virus programs need to be updated frequently to protect your system against any new viruses that may attack.

COMPONENTS INSTALLATION (see Hard Drive/SSD section above)

Hardware upgrades/replacements (such as a new monitor for your laptop if it is cracked, or hinges broken, or power port not functioning) are repaired/replaced on a case-by-case basis with separate charges for parts and labor.


Our technicians are trained through the professional licensing of Microsoft and are MCPs (Microsoft Certified Professionals). Computer Care Associates can help you network your computers, maintain the connectivity and functionality of your networks, and perform various computer services as needed. Service calls will be provided within 5 hours to 12 hours (Monday thru Friday) or at a scheduled time. Please note: Weekends and after 7:00 p.m. are $125/hour (labor only).  Please call the office (508-370-8080) to ask about our flat fees for certain services. Rates and terms are subject to change without notice.


It should come as no surprise that Computer Care Associates can suggest improvements to your computer and computer systems whether you need or want to make a purchase, perform maintenance or upgrade to various products (hardware or software). We will work with you, our customer, on what your requirements are and whatever your final goals may be in regard to your computers and the health of your systems.

                     Caring for Your Computer is Job #1.                PATIENCE ~ EXPERIENCE ~ SOLUTIONS