“Just about a year ago my desktop was infected with numerous viruses. After many, many hours of trying to remove the viruses myself, I was at my wits end. I came across Jonathan’s listing and gave him a call. Jonathan responded in a prompt and professional manner and within no time my system was up and running even better than before!! Over the last year I have had to bring both my home and office computers to Jonathan for a myriad of reasons. Again, each and every system was returned quickly and running more efficiently. While I do not relish the idea of computer problems, I take comfort in knowing that when they should arise again, Jonathan will be there. Thank you!”
— Kim Thompson, repeat Customer

“Computer Care Associates solved the problem I was having with my computer. I was trying to download a driver that wasn’t working. Jonathan came to my office and was able to download it and install it.

I did like it that Jonathan was extremely prompt in replying, and actually started to work on my problem from his office before arriving at my place of business. Jon was pro active and reassuring. In a nutshell, he was prepared.

The charges were fair and I would use Computer Care Associates again.”
— Terese A. Riordan, CPA

“I originally asked Jonathan Shapiro to try to fix our laptop which was in very bad shape. He was able to get the laptop up and running again. Although the computer was “working” he was very proactive in advising me of the risks we ran in continuing to use the computer. I decided to get a replacement and he again was very helpful in advising me on the right computer specs to look for.

We also asked CCA to assist us in networking a new home computer we got for my daughter. They purchased the wireless router and related equipment necessary and installed it so our home network worked perfectly.

I appreciated that they were accommodating to our schedule and charged a fair price for the services performed. I was also impressed with his knowledge of virus and spyware software. Getting all our computers networked and working properly certainly relieved alot of stress in my household.

I recommend that you call them with your home computer needs.”
— Curtis Feldman, CPA

“Remember me? Dr. M. Tina Dupree, The Chicken Lady
Hope all is well with you. I am so thankful for your helping my daughter. She was so relieved after so much worry. I want to send you one of my books as a “thank you.”… Smile. Thanks. All the best.”

— Dr. Dupree, Motivational Speaker and Author

Hi Jon,

“I just wanted to let you know I received your invoice and will have our treasurer get a check to you by the end of the month. Thanks so much for giving us a much appreciated nonprofit break on the rate. We struggle over every penny here, so it was a huge help. And so was all your guidance and information…especially for someone like me who had no clue what to do after my initial panic.

As it turns out, I did get my data recovered … Thank goodness! I seriously considered the desktop quote from Dell, but in the end, my Board and I concluded that I needed a computer immediately (I had already lost over a week of productivity) and couldn’t wait the week or so that it would take to have one delivered from Dell… So far so good. I hope you work on HP’s …in case I ever need service work.

I’m so glad I could lead my husband Ken in your direction for a replacement laptop he needed. I think the Dell will work out well for him and the price was great.

Thanks again to you and Lisa for all your help. See you soon I’m sure.”
— HELEN LEMOINE, Director of Leadership Metrowest

Hi Jonathan,

“I wanted to thank you for talking with me last week about my client’s Outlook problems. Isn’t it just our field? Although it had nothing whatsoever to do with his website, he was panicking and I had to take responsibility or lose the account. It all worked out like I said it would, and he is very sheepish today, but I wanted to thank you for your willingness to help me on such short term notice and solve his problems. I am happy to refer you any chance I get and am so glad we met.

Lisa – I hope to see you at the networking meeting … It’s been a while. I would love to catch up.”

— Jovanna Brooks, ValleyVelocity, Owner, Website Designer/Developer

“Thanks for the follow up Lisa. I’m sorry that I was on the phone when you came by and couldn’t talk…Thanks for the help on Dan’s computer – it’s working great.” Take care,
— Mollie W. Wasserman
Senior Partner – The Home Consultants/Keller Williams Realty
Founder: ACRE™ – Accredited Consultant in Real Estate

“As a small business owner, I work alone and don’t have the luxury of an IT department. When my computer, printer, e-mail, or backup drive doesn’t work, I’m stuck and can’t get my work done. I waste hours upon hours trying to figure it out myself, navigating the on-line help of various hardware companies, getting lost in automated phone systems, getting passed from one company to the next. Then I remember Computer Care Associates. Jon & Lisa at Computer Care Associates have saved me a few times. They’ve rescued a dying laptop and walked me through getting my delinquent external hard drive to work, and helped me make buying decisions for peripherals. They’re friendly and helpful and have been a lifeline for me, rescuing me in my times of need. They’ve worked on my equipment in person and given advice over the ‘phone. If you’re having trouble with a computer or if you’re not managing your computer system well, I highly recommend that you stop struggling and give them a call.”

— Tammy Woodard, Tammy Woodard Photography

“I wanted to thank you for the e-help you gave me last month… You’re very knowledgeable – I wonder why Dell’s smarties couldn’t have just told me these things… Thank you MUCH Jon – that answer takes the sting out the awful trauma Dell put me through (it was “under warranty”) with their Indian techies trying to “diagnose” this problem over the Net/phone/(ocean) – just hours of wasted time and repeatedly making me set my date/clock back and then loss of files they neglected to tell me to back up. yikes.” Thanks much,

— MARIE THOMAS, Framingham, MA