Optimize for Increased Speed & Performance

(at Vernon St. office ONLY)    Flat Fee PRICE: $195.00

Scanning for Spyware and Viruses using the following programs:

  • Malwarebyte (spyware scanner)
  • SuperAntispyware (spyware scanner)
  • Avast Antivirus (We will scan and install it. This edition is free for non-commercial use.)
  • Avast! Professional Edition: antivirus & anti-spyware  (This edition is free for a 60-day trial period for commercial use)
  • On-line Antivirus scanners
  • Defragmentation of Hard Drive
  • Disk Checking (error-checking)
  • Disk cleanup of temporary files
  • Streamlining the startup
  • Uninstalling unused programs
  • Installing Windows Updates
  • Reformatting the computer (only if necessary)
  • Final Review & Recommendations concerning memory*


Diagnostic Services from Computer Care Associates

In order to see what is wrong with your computer, we first need to diagnose it.  The charge for a diagnostic exam is $85.00. However, please note that if you have Computer Care Associates complete the computer work, in the scope of the project the diagnostic fee is included. We mention the fee for an individual diagnosis here, because if you decide to bring your computer elsewhere we will have to charge for the labor on the initial diagnostic services.

The areas of your computer which will be reviewed in the diagnostic exam are:

  • How much memory your computer has
  • Available disk space, and
  • Check on your Anti-virus protection

The diagnostic exam will not fix or solve any problems, but just let you know what is going on with your computer, and what might be needed to fix the problems. We will call you and discuss our findings from the diagnosis over the telephone.

Some areas you can expect to be addressed in the diagnosis are:
(1) that if your computer needs to be optimized, we will tell you how much it will cost.
(2) If your computer could use more memory*, we will tell you how much it will cost you for the memory (it will need to be ordered). *The pricing on memory which we quote you is all-inclusive (in other words, we always include the labor charges for the installation).

Please call 508-370-8080 to arrange an appointment time to diagnose your computer in our office.


Remote Access – Saves Time & Money 

Computer Care Associates can connect remotely to your computer to repair and provide support services. All you need is an internet connection (cable, not dial-up) for this to occur. We can log into your home or business, a hotel suite while telecommuting, or even through local wireless ‘hotspots’. Our friendly online technicians can remotely solve your computer repair and support needs wherever you happen to be. Just sit back and watch as our technician remotely controls your mouse and keyboard to diagnose and fix your computer problems or to demonstrate an application. If it turns out that the issue cannot be fixed remotely, we will arrange for one of our technicians to come to your location and provide on-site computer repair. Remote access is not available for dial-up connections. The cost is $80 per hour (pricing subject to change). Please note that server-related problems have a different pricing structure.   Remote work is usually billed at an hourly rate but if the problem is solved quickly we can bill out at 15 minute increments.  Optimization of computers cannot be completed through this remote process.  We are currently not accepting credit cards.


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    "Thank-you Jonathan & Lisa for your repair of my daughter's laptop.

    It was done quickly and quite professionally. Although the repair appeared to be straight forward, removing viruses and spyware, it turned into a much bigger project of reformatting my XP operating system. And when I got home and fired it up, everything worked like factory new. And it was extremely fast!

    Thank-you for your great work. A very satisfied customer."


    — Rob Burton

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    "...Just like to say computer runs great! Thank you for steering us the economical, practical way. The Greb Family!"
    — Neiki Greb