With Appreciation

It’s the time of year when we’re reminded to give thanks.

Instead of waiting until next year to be reminded, we are thankful every day. May you and yours have a safe and memorable Thanksgiving.

It tends to sound like a cliche, but based on the economic trends and the time of year, loyal (and new) customers are always welcome!

We at Computer Care Associates wanted to THANK our customers and clients for using our computer services.

When you call us with a computer issue, if it requires an on-site visit (to a home or office setting) – we try to fit it into the schedule within 4 hours if a crisis and within a day or two if not as urgent.

Although not every problem can be easily solved, we work diligently on your behalf to clean out even the most pesky and dangerous of viruses and spyware.


This time of year, there are more sneaky and dangerous malware and viruses that can come into your computer.

If your computer is acting funny or you’ve noticed a recent change, that could be a sign that your computer is infected with something. CALL 508-370- 8080!

Basic common sense should prevail.

  1. Don’t click on an attachment from someone you don’t know.
  2. Be wary of prices and software or hardware for sale that comes unsolicited and that sounds ‘too good to be true.’

Keep your anti-virus protection up-to-date.  Call the office (508-370-8080) for product information.

Remote Access – Saves Time & Money

Computer Care Associates can connect remotely to your computer to repair and provide support services. All you need is an internet connection (cable, not dial- up) for this to occur.

We can log into your home or business, a hotel suite while telecommuting, or even through local wireless ‘hotspots’.

Our friendly online technicians can remotely solve your computer repair and support needs wherever you happen to be. Just sit back and watch as our technician remotely controls your mouse and keyboard to diagnose and fix your computer problems or to demonstrate an application.

If it turns out that the issue cannot be fixed remotely, we will arrange for one of our technicians to come to your location and provide on-site computer repair.

Remote access is not available for dial-up connections. The cost is $65 per incident.

Please note that server-related problems have a different pricing structure.

Prices are subject to change.


Individual instruction or small classes offered at Framingham office location.

Sample areas covered are:

  • Beginning Excel
  • MS Word
  • Outlook email program
  • Internet surfing and research for the beginner
  • Optimizing Your Computer.

Each meeting session is 1-2 hours (depending on the number of students and the subject matter). Minimum is 2 meetings (2-4 hours instruction).

Off- site instruction for groups or individuals can be arranged for a separate fee structure.

Please be sure to inquire about what current courses our technicians may be teaching through a local continuing education program. Prices are subject to change.


So, in closing – Thank you again for your referrals, continued loyalty and call-backs.

Your testimonials are heartwarming, and your feedback is invaluable.