“Fake Alerts” Are A Sign Of Trojan Viruses

Recently our office has been servicing many computers that come in with Fake Security Alerts.  These attempt to trick people into purchasing “rogue” anti-spyware.

The definition of “rogue” is: Rogue security software is software that uses malware (malicious software) or malicious tools to advertise or install itself or to force computer users to pay for removal of nonexistent malware. Rogue software will often install a trojan horse to download a trial version of software.

Unfortunately, the hackers who do this will use several methods to lure you into buying this phoney security software.

The longer you wait, the worse it gets.  If the “rogue” software sends you one trojan virus, they multiply and infest your computer.

The trick used is the program uploads trojan viruses into your computer, then gives you a warning that “there are viruses that need to be fixed”.  The problem is if you become a victim of this scam and you purchase their software, you are not better off at all!

If you see this happening to your computer call us at 508-370-8080.  Hesitation to act in many cases makes the matter worse.