What’s your opinion about Registry Cleaners?

Basically, my advice is – don’t use a Registry Cleaner.  They don’t “optimize” a computer (more on that in a future blog), and in fact they are more harmful to your Registry than you even know. It is not worth the risk.  The majority of internet ads out in cyberspace that tout Registry Cleaners will, in fact, cause your computer to have further problems and  your computer will likely crash.    

Another problem is that unless the program creates a restore of the registry or a backup of the registry, a mistake can turn a computer into a big old paper weight!

Quoting from another experienced Computer technician and blogger….“Don’t run registry cleaner programs, period…….If anyone has done any serious performance testing on this class of software, I’d be interested in seeing it. In the absence of really rigorous testing and fail-safe design, I say: Stay far away from this sort of utility.” click here for link to Ed’s blog

In addition, this website has more information about Registry Cleaners and why you should not trust them:


” . . . The problem with most registry repair titles is that they are based on the same open source software script . . . they are being sold by companies that didn’t develop them – and therefore have no real understanding of their function or even how they work. The result is that you risk installing an inferior piece of software that can permanently damage your computer”

Another excerpt:

“The issue lies in the explosion of spam-review sites which are nothing more then websites promoting affiliate links under the guise of an official ” review ” site. There main goal is to accomplish one thing – to send you to the site they are promoting and hoping you buy the product they are selling – if you do, they get up to a 75% cut of the sale. In other words, their reviews are up for sale – and are not anything but thinly veiled sales pitches. For example, if you do a search for the term ” Paid Survey ” or ” Registry Repair ” you’ll notice that the paid listings all include sites that say ” read our review ” or ” warning, don’t download anything until you read this…”