Recommended Protections (Software)

Q:  What types of software do you recommend when it comes to anti-virus, firewall, anti-spyware (or anti-malware) protections?

A:  On my link  page, I offer recommendations for these types of software.  Of course, your anti-virus protection also depends on if you have youngsters who will be accessing the internet, or adults only. 

Kids have a tendency to be too trusting when it comes to scams, while Adults may be more skeptical – Adults might be more able to distinguish between the scams and honest advertising.  This is not always black and white.  I know it is often quite difficult to know who to trust, what is a scam or a fake offer, or bad website that you might be directed to.

If you find you’re receiving “pop-ups” concerning your security, or a warning that you have viruses, you most likely have some spyware or viruses.  It is important to scan you computer. 

Call us (508-370-8080) if you have any questions.  We can remotely log into your computer and diagnose the issues going on.