Optimizing a Computer

May 31st, 2009

When you are considering “optimizing” a computer, the goal is usually to have that computer run faster and more efficiently. 

More visable improvement in performance can be seen in defragmenting a hard drive, cleaning the computer from temporary files, and performing a spyware or virus scan using tested software.  DO NOT USE SOFTWARE THAT HAS NOT BEEN TESTED.  We provide a list of links that have been tested and verified that are not spyware.  Even if you have anti-virus, you can still run an online antivirus check.


1.      The first thing I do is make sure those important data files are backed up!

2.      Defragment the hard drive

3.      Clean out temporary files

4.      Uninstall old versions of Java, download the latest version

5.      Scan with Malwarebyte, Spybot, and Superantispyware

6.      My next step is to scan with “hijackthis” which shows me everything that is running….including the software installed and various other components (“hijackthis” should only to be used by an expert)

7.      Scan for viruses using an on-line scanner

8.      Add additional memory if required

9.      Remove those resource hungry software applications such as AOL, McAfee, Norton, Security Suites, etc.

10.   There is more to Optimizing a computer than people realize, and it can take hours.  Various precautions are taken to ensure that data is not lost or compromised.

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