Keeping your computer in good working order

June 5th, 2010

Computer  Care Associates in Framingham, MA will do everything to keep your computer in good working order.  However there comes a time when a computer is over 5 years old, and due to constant technological advances and software requirements – your 5+ year old computer should be upgraded. 

For this type of machine, the best advice is to buy a new computer and transfer the data.  Transferring the data is not as easy as it sounds.  You don’t want to transfer viruses, spyware or any corruption from the old computer to the new computer.  We scan the data with several different antivirus scanners, and malware scanners to make sure the data is clean before moving it to a newer machine.  Then the data can be transferred safely.


1) the hard drive needs to be removed from the old computer, backed up and scanned. 


2) the data can be backed up to an external hard drive and scanned.

We do not sell new computers, however we consult on buying new computers.  We find out what you use the computer for and advise on how much memory you need, and the type of processing speed you need. 

We also will setup the new computer once your purchase has arrived.  However you must provide the software applications such as Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, Quicken, etc.  A cloning process to move these applications from the old computer to the new one is possible but not recommended.  The best policy is to put the applications freshly installed into the new computer without bringing in old problems from the old computer.

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