Internet, Networking & Computer Repairs

One of the areas Computer Care Associates focuses on is being an intermediary between the User and the Internet Service Provider (ISP).  Very often the residential user or small business cannot describe the actual problem plus, they end up not being able to communicate to the “help desk” or tech area of the ISP. 

An example of this:  A residential user was having issues with their modem but in order to deflect the problem, the ISP was blaming the router (which was their own hardware equipment that was in place).  The average individual has no idea about the workings of these products and can very easily be confused with the technical jargon. 

Some issues can only be resolved by speaking directly with “internet provider” and COMPUTER CARE ASSOCIATES  provides clear communication to resolve any issues that come up.  We will talk directly with the technicians on your behalf, fight for what is your right (in a tactful manner) and in all honesty – we’ve gotten the customer more than they had ever hoped for in the majority of the instances!

Since we offer a full service for each customer, we consider working with your ISP on issues as part of the computer repairs and we treat each customer as if it were our own family member.  “Caring for Your Computer is Job # 1”

We also provide remote services as opposed to in-home services for those in locations which are outside of our service area.  Call us (508-370-8080) or email us about any of the services we offer.