Fake AntiVirus (FakeAV)

Fake AntiVirus (FakeAV), also known as a “Rogue AntiVirus”, Rogues, or ScareWare, is a class of malware that displays false alert messages to the victim concerning threats that do not really exist. These alerts will prompt users to visit a website where they will be asked to pay for these non-existent threats to be cleaned up. The FakeAV will continue to send these annoying and intrusive alerts until a payment is made or when professionals like Computer Care Associates gets rid of the problem.

During the last year, the number of FakeAV has mushroomed. We have seen evidence of this by the numbers of customers who call us to help them extricate their computer from the clutches of this culprit.

This huge rise in popularity among this type of malware writers is primarily due to the direct revenue source that FakeAV provides. Compared to other classes of malware such as bots, backdoor Trojans, downloaders and password stealers, FakeAV draws the victim into handing money over directly to the malware author.  FakeAV is also associated with a thriving affiliate network community that makes large amounts of money by driving traffic toward the stores of their partners.

The more someone tries to escape from the Fake AV Security Messages, the more problems occur.  Users who think they can escape, can’t. It makes it worse.  It is like being tied up, the more you struggle….the tighter the knot becomes.

Users who recognize they have a problem of this Fake alert are on the right track. The best action is turn off your computer.  Let the professionals clean up the mess!  Call Computer Care Associates (508-370-8080) and we will rid your computer of these types of problems.