Backing Up Your Data – Do this both Remotely & Locally. Avoid a Crisis!!!!!

I have been focusing attention on setting up backups for small businesses with crucial data.  However I would do this for residential customers if the need was there.  I have been dealing with a remote backup company that I have tested in restoring as well as the remote backup.  I feel that I have found the right remote backup company to use.

I have emphasized that you must have a local backup in conjunction with a remote backup

Restoring a remote backup takes time and is affected by your internet speed. 

The local backup is affected by the speed of your USB port and is much faster.

I have a customer whose data server crashed.  I created a link to a “temp data location” by restoring a current local backup.  Eventually I was able to put the data server back on-line and transitioned the temporary data back to it’s original location on the data server.  At the same time, I was able to restore specific files from the remote backup (through the files previously backed up) so there was no break in the customer’s productivity or use of computer and stored data files.

The bottom line is that data would have been lost if not for our services.  Seamless transition between local backup and remote backup.  Both are important.

When it comes to data, you cannot put a price on it.  Call Computer Care Associates for your protection!