Purchasing Memory for Your Computer

April 24th, 2009

Q:  How much memory should I purchase?  What would you recommend?

A:  The answer varies from customer to customer depending on what they use the computer for. 

To order memory, I always go to this website  CLICK HERE

I usually do that when I am on the computer that needs the memory because the Crucial website will scan the computer and tell you what kind of memory it needs.

Security Suites

April 17th, 2009

Q:  Should I buy an Internet Security Suite?

A:  Do not use an Internet security suite unless you have at least 2 GB of memory.  Security suites often have a firewall, spyware scanner, antivirus, and email spam filter all built into the software.

Antivirus Scanners

April 15th, 2009

Q:  What type of an anti-virus scanner should you put on your computer?

 A:   Whatever you choose, you need to have enough memory (RAM) in your computer to run these protections without dragging your computer down. 

 The average public might choose the scanning software packages made by the manufacturers called “McAfee” or “Norton”.  These are common products and often come with a new purchase (as a trial version).  However, it is recommended that you should have at the minimum 1 GB of memory for these programs to run well without slowing down your computer.  This is because the new software that is being released requires more memory to run then it ever has before.

Internet Websites Can Get “Hacked”


April 15th, 2009

Several legitimate websites have come under attack from hackers who have modified the programming code of these websites.  The hackers do this to distribute malware to unsuspecting users who visit the site. When a user visits an infected site, an invisible connection is established to a remote server, which can then attempt to install malware on the user’s computer. The intention could be to generate spam, or possibly something more sinister, such as stealing personal information e.g. bank account or credit card details.

In 2008, several high-profile websites were targeted, including USA Today, ABC News, Target and Wal-Mart.  Many popular travel and recreational websites have also been compromised. Visiting one of these infected websites could have resulted in the user’s computer being infected.

We suggest installing software called AVAST which has proven over the past months to detect the infections.  AVAST is free for the personal user, and AVAST has recently detected compromised websites for a number of Government sites in the US, including the United States Forest Service, the US International Trade Commission and the websites of several embassies around the world.

AVAST! antivirus will detect and block access to any website that is infected by this threat and will display a warning that a virus has been detected. If Avast! displays this warning, you should discontinue your attempt to connect to that particular website.

Call Computer Care Associates (508-370-8080) to either review your computer if you suspect a virus or malware infection problem, and/or to work with you to install crucial protection for your particular circumstances. No matter what software you use on your computer system, it is essential that your computer has antivirus protection

Be prepared before your computer is infected.  It may never happen, but it is better to put some safeguards in place – think of it as “your assurance that your computer is insured” from an attack from possible internet hackers.