Malware, Spyware and Viruses – Becoming more difficult to remove

March 27th, 2009

I have seen all sorts of infected computers with malware and viruses in them. 

Just a few months ago, getting rid of malware was relatively easy.  We would perform and run spyware scans, antivirus scans, review the registry and the files in startup. 

Recently, I have found that once a computer is infected with Trojan Viruses, it is not easy to make sure these threats are gone. I end up spending extra time in making sure a computer is clean.

I worked on a computer where the system tray where the anti-virus would have been was disabled.  It was hard to tell if the system tray was originally corrupted or whether the Trojan Viruses caused this.  Everything looked good except for this.  I could tell by additional scans that Trojan Viruses were still in the computer.  Instead of spending 8 additional hours cleaning the computer, I reformatted the computer to make 100% sure that the computer didn’t have any remnants of viruses and spyware.

I discourage anyone to clean up a computer on their own.  This is because most of the time, the problems can increase ten-fold.  However, we find ourselves often giving out information and advice on how to backup, what protection to use, and in troubleshooting problems. 

If necessary we can remote in to your computer.  More often, we will recommend that the work on your computer is done directly in our office.

Don’t Try To “Do It Yourself” !

March 1st, 2009

We are all worried about the economic climate.

At Computer Care Associates, we are sensitive to different changes in circumstances.

With our help you don’t need to let your computer frustrate you, and you won’t be frustrated by your computer!

Call COMPUTER CARE ASSOCIATES at the First Sign of a Problem

When it comes to keeping your computer working well and running smoothly, you can’t ignore maintenance, backups, improving skills and basically keeping your computer up-to-date.

In this economy, people are taking longer to decide to clean and service their computer.  Unfortunately, the longer you wait, the more corrupt your computer becomes.

At Computer Care Associates, we have made an effort to charge reasonable flat rates, discount labor charges and provide free diagnostics.

That’s right – the initial diagnostic service on your computer is free!  After we complete the diagnosis (usually in the first hour), we will call you and let you know what the results are.  We will tell you the cost to repair your computer, and if it is too expensive – we will honestly let you know that it might not be worth the expense.  In fact, we may help you with a purchase instead that is more cost effective in the long run.

If you need our services for repairs or to get rid of extensive virus infections – we charge a flat rate of $195.00 (no matter how long it takes to be virus free).


An organized computer makes backing up the data much easier and more efficient.  You won’t be able to back up applications, only data and pictures.

Applications are the software programs that either came with the computer or programs you have purchased.  They often are CD’s, and you should try to keep them all in one place.  This is partly because if you ever need to re-install a program you have it, but also – if you had a virus or your hard drive crashed, you might have to re-do your computer.  You would have to then reinstall all the programs and data that you (hopefully) had saved back into the computer.

Before backing up any data, you will need to know the SIZE requirements of your BACKUP:  You will need to find out how much memory (in terms of Gigabytes) the backup will need.  That will let us know what size of a backup you will require – flash drive, external hard drive, server, off-site/remote (like Carbonite or Mozy), etc.